NBQ PROSPRAYPAINT (new spray 2010) for Professional Graffiti Barcelona


Information about this new brand of nbqpro sprays that will certainly be a good competition to montana colors.
NBQ is a young brand, and fruit of the union of professional experience in urban art.

After fraught, and thanks to the success of their prototypes prospraypaint decided to market an exclusive product, more adaptable and economical.

Thus they came to NBQ prospraypaint

NBQ is a spray prospraypaint evolved, developed and designed for artistic painting on any surface.


Matte-Painting inagrietable and opaque, even over the silver.

Pressure spray-minimum for small details.

-Strokes with perfection and sharpness, even when reduced.

Soft-spring pressure, allowing "brush" with extreme ease.

-Interchangeable nozzles depending on the activity performed.
Spanish-PVP in Peninsula of 2.60 and

Here you can download for free color card of the range that exists until NBQ sprays.

Click on the image for Download